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My friend Marc posted on my wall a show called UNSUB. It was before CSI, Criminal Minds, etc. and was a really good show. 

It was so good it actually was of value in real life.

There was an episode where the old guy on the team finds out how the serial killer gets children by crouching down at the height of a child to see they saw a store sign.

I actually did that once to find a boy who left his mother to see he went into a Shop-Rite. She was hysterical. We were in a long line to Hometown Buffet (don’t judge me) and all of a sudden this woman just starts yelling her child’s name. Everyone tries looking for him and looking around and I think where the hell would this kid go. So I crouch when she said his description to the height she gave and look around and see in the distance this Shop Rite has some sale on candy. The police are being called and I walk over to the Shop Rite and tell Lis to have the police go to the Shop Rite. I walk in and go aisle by aisle till I see the boy scared just standing in an aisle. I ask his name and he nods yes, that is his name. I walked out with him as the police come in and explain to them that he is the boy. They ask me how I figured it out and I told them I crouched to the boy’s height to see the candy sign. We all walk back and the mother does the whole crying yelling “Don’t ever do that again” shit but I thought of the show and went to myself “Ain’t that a bitch.”