Amazing Aug02


Met an absolutely true gentleman tonight during Roselle Park’s National Night Out. We were waiting in line for the water slide with Mariposa and Ezekiel as our youngest gets more excited with each little step that brings us closer to the slide. A bit in front of us some young pre-teen...

Rollberbladed May27


After 25 years of faithful service, a quarter of a century, my favorite pair of rollerblades have given me their last glide. Adieu my eight wheelers. You were good.

Mother’s Day 2016 May08

Mother’s Day 2...

Some pretty f*$%@ I mean messed up sh*#, I mean stuff, you find out about your mother and father that are terrifying and amazing. Out of all things, it started with her wedding ring falling to the ground. For those who do not know, my mother suffered a pretty severe stroke on January 2nd. She...

We Won The Lottery! Jan16

We Won The Lottery!

Sitting around the dinner table during supper tonight, after talking about our individual days the conversation gets around to the lottery. We all start talking and laughing about the first things we would do if we won: everything from the thoughtful to the outrageous (helping out family...

Speechless Jan08


A beautiful gift from a wonderful woman. I am speechless. The Qersdyn family is beyond grateful and blessed to know Cathy Drake.