Rollberbladed May27


After 25 years of faithful service, a quarter of a century, my favorite pair of rollerblades have given me their last glide. Adieu my eight wheelers. You were good.

We Won The Lottery! Jan16

We Won The Lottery!

Sitting around the dinner table during supper tonight, after talking about our individual days the conversation gets around to the lottery. We all start talking and laughing about the first things we would do if we won: everything from the thoughtful to the outrageous (helping out family...

Unsub Oct18


My friend Marc posted on my wall a show called UNSUB. It was before CSI, Criminal Minds, etc. and was a really good show.  It was so good it actually was of value in real life. There was an episode where the old guy on the team finds out how the serial killer gets children by crouching down...

Some Numbers Oct09

Some Numbers

16,801 days I have been alive. Out of those, I have had my parents in my life all those days. 10,569, Marc has been the one to make me double over gut laughing and made me realize what really good solid writing and friendship is all about. 8,204 I have had Lis in my life and has been my life....

You Can Buy Happiness Jun28

You Can Buy Happiness

Who says you can’t buy happiness? Look. Here. I bought for two bucks at a garage sale!   One man’s trash is another man’s trash that hasn’t worn out its nostalgia. Just remember when they tell you “You can’t buy happiness” that it was at a garage sale for two bucks. Happiness is where you find it.

Ebola Nov18


Took ZZ to the doctor today. Nothing more serious than a cold. But checking in to see the doctor, I was asked if I visited any of the countries affected by Ebola. I told the registration clerk ‘yes’, that I live in the country affected by Ebola. She did not find that as funny as I...