Some Numbers Oct09


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Some Numbers

16,801 days I have been alive.

Out of those, I have had my parents in my life all those days.

10,569, Marc has been the one to make me double over gut laughing and made me realize what really good solid writing and friendship is all about.

8,204 I have had Lis in my life and has been my life. It is hyperbolic to say I cannot live without her but I cannot imagine my life without her in it. I would be absent of joy.

4,283 our oldest son Rashad has been an integral part of my heart.

1,450 Mariposa has stepped into our lives and made our home a kingdom with her princess ways.

1,346 Ezekiel has been the mirror of me and shown me for who I am.

Out of all of those days i can honestly say that less than handful in the low double digits have been bad, and most of those have been because of my doing. Some days were a nightmare but they were important.

Those days in particular made me realize that every day counts.

The other 16,700+ days have been a joy. I have been blessed to have my family and friends and music. They have filled my life with more memories than I have had days. And even though I have a treasure trove of memories to look back on, I know that the best one is the next one.

16,802, here I come.