Mother’s Day 2016 May08


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Mother’s Day 2016

Some pretty f*$%@ I mean messed up sh*#, I mean stuff, you find out about your mother and father that are terrifying and amazing.

Out of all things, it started with her wedding ring falling to the ground.

For those who do not know, my mother suffered a pretty severe stroke on January 2nd. She is recuperating now and what started out with half her body being completely paralyzed is currently lack of strength in her left hand, especially her index finger and thumb.

But that night she and my father went out to eat and were dancing and suddenly my father heard her wedding ring hit the floor and went to pick it up and ask my mother what happened. It was then he realized something was wrong and it looked like she was having a stroke. She had suffered a mild one 16 years before. He immediately walks her out and gets the car to drive her to the hospital. When they get there his and her fears are confirmed. She was suffering a stroke. After preliminary necessary stuff the doctor comes in to tell them that there is this procedure that can possibly reverse the damage being done to the left side of her body. The two risks are that it might not work (only a 5% chance) and it might kill her (50%).

Mind you, I hear about this later but in those early hours with just the two of them, she asks him, “Well? Do you think we should do it?”

My father says to her, “I don’t know. What do you want? It’s a tough decision.”

It is at this point that my mother says, “Remember what we told each other about not wanting to have one of us take care of the other if there is some serious disability? I don’t want you to do that. We have to do it.”

My father agreed.

So, just like that, they put into action their words. Life called up a f*$^d up deck and they just played their hands together.

That night there was a strong possibility that she could have died. They knew that and still she said “We have to do it.”

It was instinctive.

Needless to say, she came through and reduced the damage from half her body to just on hand. She works at bringing strength back but I am just completely blown away by how my mother follows through with things, no matter what.

That is just one of the examples of how strong she is and the life lessons she continues to show me.

My mom. She is serious business.

Happy Mother’s Day mama but I guess every day is Mother’s Day.