Q5 Aug09


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A woman.

Two men.

A scream from a basement hallway.

And so his story began.

On January 17th 2012, a little baby boy was making his way into this world after a stranger named Moses heard the expectant baby’s birth mother scream from a rooming house on Mt. Pleasant Avenue in Newark. The man went downstairs to the basement to find nature taking its course – not waiting for a hospital, not waiting for an ambulance, not even waiting for another woman . . . not waiting for anything. He ran outside, flagged down a Newark police officer and, with Moses unwrapping the umbilical cord from around the newborn’s neck, both men helped as ZZ was welcomed to the world.


That was the easy part.

After then, decisions and circumstance – the one thing that brings everyone to where they are in life – presented moments that were joyous, sad, frustrating, uplifting, and wondrous.

Issues and events showed that his mom was unable to care for ZZ. Our family was notified immediately about him since we were blessed enough to have adopted ZZ’s older three-year old sister Mariposa just last year; this after being graced with our first son, Rashad (who is 21 years old) becoming a part of our family 10 years ago.

Two weeks after being born we visited with him to see if we would welcome him to our family and grow up with his biological sister. I recall when he was first handed to me – I had my hands stretched out and was turned away talking with my wife Lis as she reassured me I would not break him. As I felt him around my hands I remember saying to his foster mother that she could let go because I had him. She said, “I’m not holding him.”

He was so light! I could not believe how light he felt. His eyes darted around the room, every once in a while catching my glances. After a couple of minutes, holding him against my chest, we both just went to sleep on the couch.


There was no question if he was coming home, just when.

Fast forward to May 2012 when he finally comes home. So many things could be said about being there for so many ‘firsts’ and of witnessing treasured moments but suffice to say that the wonder of family is an ever-changing landscape of amazement.

Now we fast forward to today, August 9, 2013. Although he was a member of our family the moment we met that February day last year, today was the day that society legally and officially recognize him as a Qersdyn. We went to court, raised our hands, a few magic words were said filled with henceforth and therefore, then tada, he became a Qersdyn.

From Adam till now and from the North Pole to Antarctica with every latitude in between, there have only ever been five people with the last name Qersdyn on Earth and today we welcome the latest Qersdyn to our clan, making it Q5.

For two people who – when we got married – said to each other, “Children? Nah.” life sure has a way of making things lively.

Decisions and circumstance.

It is what got us here and what will get us to where we are going.

So, ladies and gentlemen, without any further ado, we formally and joyously introduce and announce the arrival of Ezekiel Jewelyn Umanzor Louis Qersdyn.