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The Greatest Luxury

To start things off, here are the original post by Michael Peterson which is on and my response to him which was removed (by request from someone other than me).

Michael Peterson (10729 Gross distortion by Saul by jerryp, 12/27/09)

I would like to know just where Saul got his information that I (Michael Peterson) publicly stated that I could support PILOT. Saul knows better. I spoke against it at Concerned Citizens meetings and in Council meetings and at the public meetings on the issue. Joe Accardi also opposed it but was willing to accept 15% while I opposed it in all circumstances. In going door to door while campaigning, I spoke against PILOT and of my opposition to the council’s vote and I separated myself from my fellow Democrats on the issue and also pleaded with them to vote against it. Joe Accardi and I discussed it and pretty much agreed with each other. No one, either privately or publicly, has heard me utter a single word in support of PILOT. I am still outraged by the concept. Of course, Saul knows this full well. I sit quietly while I read his pontifications and personal attacks against anyone who disagrees with him. Since Saul is so well informed, I can only assume that his distortion (that is the politest word I can use here) had some personal agenda as the driving force behind it. Is there anyone out there that you actually respect, Saul?

My Response

The information as to how you would vote on PILOT I got directly from YOU.

We were talking after a meeting at the Sullivan property and I specifically asked you how you think mayor & council would vote. You stated, and I quote, “Well, you know, there’s no use fighting it. It’s a fait accompli.”

That direct statement and seeing as you stopped coming to CCRP meetings it would be safe to presume that you felt fighting it was useless – the very same excuse given by those on council.

I later then asked you after the debate when you tried to talk about someone else’s actions and your disapproval of their actions. One of the questions I asked you outright was how would you have voted on PILOT. You said nothing.

There are those I respect. People who speak up against people in their very own party who are out-and-out homophobic, bigoted, and racist.

You do not do that.

You simply sit there quietly and let them spew their vomit and you hide behind the “Well, that’s their right” cowardly crap that denigrates you and others.

So, please before you get on that high horse to try to show how wrong in their actions someone else is, perhaps you should look at yourself and see how condescending, hypocritical, and cowardly you are.

This is the second time Mr. Peterson has engaged me on a local forum to take to task criticism I made of him. Instead of being a force for true leadership in Democratic beliefs in Roselle Park, Mr. Peterson feels that it is all right to let homophobic attacks and useless finger-pointing spew from those in Roselle Park’s Democratic Committee but it is not all right for someone to point out his statements and hypocrisy.

I just wish someone in either party in Roselle Park showed the leadership and vision that residents need and want.