Fuck The Poor Jul14

Fuck The Poor

This is a great example of the difference between being right and doing right. Some people think it is more important to feel good about themselves and sit on their high horse to show how righteous they are instead of doing anything to help.

The Talk Jul14

The Talk

Today, some parents are going to have to sit down with their children and have ‘the talk’ again – one that most likely has been given numerous times before – a refresher of sorts : On how to behave when dealing with the police, and how to immediately keep their hands visible with their palms open, and how to answer questions without losing their cool . . . or their dignity. On how to react when being eyed as they walk through a neighborhood then having the police stop them because someone called in thinking that walking down a public street was the equivalent of suspicious activity because ‘I don’t recognize them’. On how to deal with...