The Lies & Times Of Brian P. Keane (PSA) Jul26


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The Lies & Times Of Brian P. Keane (PSA)

I sincerely apologize beforehand for the use of both our times to address Brian P. Keane, a 54 year old man who goes under the screen names flipityflop, healthscares, Citizen X – among others. In fact, if you have never heard of Brian P. Keane, you can go right ahead and skip this posting. If not, consider this a Public Service Announcement.

Some quick background on Brian P. Keane: This is a guy who claims to have been in so many places and met so many people in his life but has nothing to show for it – think Forrest Gump without the personality, or the intelligence. That should give you a basis as to what you are in store for. So, like I said, feel free to skip this one if you do not know him.

Brian P. Keane is such a sad case and usually that in and of itself is no cause to take notice but within this past week Brian Keane has made it his mission to garner the attention of his fellow residents — my attention in particular. Well, he has gotten it for the next few minutes but probably not the way he wanted it. After this post, I will move on to other, real and pertinent, issues and never discuss him again. He is the equivalent of that piece of garbage on the road that needs to be picked up and thrown away.

Now keep in mind this all happened within the the span of one week.

Fireman’s Wetdown (July 17, 2010)

The Fireman’s Wetdown was a community event held to support the firemen and to have a general good time as a community activity. This was the time that Brian Keane decided to verbally accost the sitting third ward councilwoman while she was enjoying the day with her infant son. In an event meant for others, he decided to take to task the councilwoman on her legal right to breastfeed in public. Too bad for Brian that the councilwoman not only stood her ground but respectfully put him in his place by asking him to defend his position with mature points. He started telling her what he felt were inappropriate times to do what she has every right as a woman to do. When she asked him when would be a good time to do it, he began to stutter and continue with not addressing her question. After hemming and hawing and the councilwoman not relenting in her respectful discourse, he ended up with “well, I just don’t like it” and walked away – and he appears to have forgotten to call her by the name he has repeatedly referred to her as – Breastzilla. Weird.

It was then that, to my shame, I decided to show Brian what such an act felt like. I guess I misread him ’cause he did not like that one bit.

Michael Crook (July 21, 2010)

After being called on his latest insult to a poster online, Brian P. Keane makes the following post about Michael Crook:

Michael Crook To Move To Roselle Park – Let’s welcome him.

Now, this is the depths Brian P. Keane’s pathetic nature will go. For those not familiar with Michael Crook and his relevance to Roselle Park, I apologize in advance for the explanation and the accompanying couple of seconds you will never be able to get back. In 2009, a Roselle Park student died in a car accident. Soon after, when friends and family were grieving their loss, Michael Crook made public statements that ridiculed and demeaned a community’s loss. That is what Brian Keane resorted to – bringing up some pretty hurtful sentiments because he was being ignored due to his posts not being answered.

September 11th (July 21, 2010)
Now the worst of it. Brian Keane had a laundry list of lies posted about him on a forum and he immediately tried to hold onto an old one he had used – that a close relative of his had died during the September 11th attacks, Richard A. Keane who lived in Morristown and worked from a cable company. Well, as usual, this was a lie. Unfortunately, Brian Keane used a real family’s loss to make himself feel better about himself. The man’s name was Richard M. Keane and that man lived in Connecticut and has family and friends who still miss and love him. The fact that Brian would use such tragedy as a badge of attention and entitlement is deplorable yet typical. This led to Brian to post the following two (2) posts to me.


Union County Prosecutor’s Office (July 22, 2010)

So call me a fool for actually showing up to 32 Rahway Avenue at 1 p.m. on Thursday, July 22, 2010. And, what a surprise, Brian P. Keane was a no-show. Then when called on it on the very forum he made the threat/request on, he continues by claiming he contacted the Union County Prosecutor’s Office by phone and then the Roselle Park Police. Seeing this would be his pattern I contacted both before publicly asking him about his missed appointment. Neither of them had received any information from Brian Keane.

Voting Registration (July 23, 2010)

And now the last lie. Brian P. Keane is registered to vote in Roselle Park, NJ although he does not own property in town, pays none of his own property taxes, and (as the following screen captures demonstrate) repeatedly claims to live an South Jersey. Add to this that in his constant complaining about his life he made a post on his own message board that states that even his license states he lives in South Jersey.

Now either he lied to the Jury manager about that, or he is lying when he votes in Roselle Park.

Hopefully he is challenged at the next election and presented with his statements because for a guy who does nothing in town, owns no property, pays no property tax of his own, and does not, by his own admission, live in town, he should not be voting in it.

So why, you might ask. Why take one more minute than necessary on such a liar? Well, there are those who simply suggest that Brian P. Keane should be ignored; but there are two (2) problems with that. First, they are excusing irresponsible behavior. By not correcting his continuously erroneous behavior, they enable him to continue. He makes public statements which those unfamiliar with him or the subject might take to be truth (some recent examples are that Joe Accardi voted for PILOT when, in fact, he was against the AvalonBay agreement and was not even on council when it was voted on or that the proposed cell tower in Roselle Park is 200 feet tall) and thereby cause lies to be spread.

He plays the victim when he gets a taste of what he gives. He claims free speech but he actively requests that posts be deleted when they show him for who he is. He claims to have the right to say what he wants but when someone does the same to him he makes empty threats to contact the police, the FCC, the government, his lawyers. He requests posts be deleted that show him in a bad light but when a moderator decides to delete his posts, he yells censorship. He tries to put people on the spot but when it is done to him he cries foul.

In other words, Brian P. Keane refuses to take any responsibility for his actions – it is always someone else’s fault.

Well, that is about it. This will remain as a point of reference for anyone wondering if they can trust what Brian P. Keane says. To date, he has offered no explanation or apology for his shameful actions. The best part of all this is that Brian P. Keane will waste energy on me long after I will have forgotten this post and him but, we will leave Brian with one parting piece of advice.


We now return to our regularly scheduled program . . .